CPR: The Very First Class

Many of us today have been taking CPR certification classes for years, decades even. If not, certainly you’ve been aware of them for some time. However, it might surprise you to learn that the world’s very first CPR class took place in only 1972 in Seattle, Washington.The class was a culmination of theories and practices dating back to the 1700s, probably earlier.

Coronary Care Physician Leonard Cobb and a group of his peers took the innovative approach of making community members a core part of the Chain of Survival. The class was called ‘Medic 2’ and helped train over 200 people in the first 2 years. (Medic 1 was a class for paramedics, firefighters, and other emergency personnel).

Leonard Cobb

MEDIC First Aid and ASHI began teaching classes in 1978 and has since certified nearly 33 million people in over 100 countries.

Hands Down CPR utilizes MEDIC First Aid classes to offer relevant, applicable courses to your and your community. Our mission is to help you become part of this incredible movement toward making our workplaces and communities safer. We’ll bring the class directly to you whether that’s an office space, a living room, or even the park!

Become a crucial link in the chain of survival.